Monday, September 9, 2013

Spindle Spun Yarn

Boy, I can really tell this spindle spun handspun was spun over a long period of time. Look at the difference I my spinning/plying - yikes. Other than the difference in spinning look at the color - I really should have paid more attention to the color variations in the pin-drafted roving, if I had I would have mixed the colors better. This roving was something I picked up at BelTine Farms booth last year at OFFF, 60% Merino/40% Bamboo. I have 200 yards in the top skein, 92 yards in the bottom skein. Not my best spinning effort but it was portable and worked for a number of demonstrations. Knit up it will look just fine......once I figure out what it will will sit and marinate on the shelf for a bit.

Had a start heart attack this afternoon on my way home from the post office - looking in the direction, but past our house, there are huge plumes of smoke. The heart started beating fast and all I was thinking was "oh no, where is that fire". Thank goodness the forest service put an update on the blog today saying they would be burning out some of the west side of the Big Windy Fire when they can keep it under control and have lots of support remaining on the fire - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that what I saw is under control. The blog did state there would be a lot of smoke. We're back to temps in the upper 90's, possibly reaching 100 and it's windy - perfect fire conditions - yikes.

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  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! No more fires for you. We've have three days of almost non-stop rain in Southern Arizona and temps in the high 60's/low 70's. We're ready for dry and cool.
    You're spindle spinning looks very nice. I could think of several ways of using it-hint, hint! I'm taking a drop spindle class this fall at our local college. Hope mine looks as nice as yours.


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