Thursday, June 9, 2011

Very fun class......

These fiber beads were made in a very fun class at the ANWG conference last weekend, Rebecca Smith the teacher. We used a wire coiler to first coil the craft wire, then added yarn, then some more wire around the outside. the earrings and necklace bead on the right I wore that evening since it matched my outfit. I didn't have a gold chain that would fit through the fiber bead for the necklace so I made a twisted cord out of the same yarn.....of course that meant cutting it off at the end of the night. Now I need to decide how to finish the necklace pieces - will either put a gold chain through them, attach a rattail cord or maybe beads.....will think on it for a bit. I need to give a guild program next year on one of the seminars I took - this one is at the top of my list but will depend on how inexpensively I can pick up the wire coilers - have already found them at a really good price online. I can see all sorts of possibilities with this technique.

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  1. Awesome! Beads are a secret obsession of mine, but I'm trying to focus for once, though they do nag me. I wish I didn't love so many things.


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