Monday, June 6, 2011

Fun video

Check out the fun video, Little Red Plane, in Shelly's post of June 3rd on her blog, Butternut Woolens.......check out her beautifully dyed yarn for sale while you're there. Just as a side note, the shawl I started knitting recently is from of Shelley's hand-dyed roving that I had spun up a while back.


  1. Hey Cindie, thanks for the link and shout out. Congrats on your new loom. I love that campus, too. Did you take the mill tour?

  2. No, didn't take the mill tour this time while in Salem. Been on it numerous times before including last summer. It's fascinating.

  3. ps - Shelly, did you see a ways back the shawl I've started using some handspun I spun up from your roving? Still in the works, will be posting it once this rate of knitting it will be a while.


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