Friday, June 24, 2011

Snap out of it.......

That's what Bailey said to me this morning - snap out of it!
He's right, I need to snap out of this funk I've been in this week. I've been letting things bother me more than I should be, too many I know are dealing with incredible challenges in their lives and I've been letting it get me down....or maybe I've just been worrying too much. So, not a tremendous amount being accomplished here this week other than some knitting. At least I've given myself permission not to beat up on myself for not getting that sewing and dyeing done this week.....have been able to let that go. Next week will be better, I'm convinced of it!

So, this year for the first time in 15 years when my brother decided to get married on Black Sheep Gathering weekend I'm not attending the event. Just coming off two fiber conferences and not needing to buy a single thing I just didn't feel a need to go.......and I'm quite fine with that. If I had gone I might have been tempted by that Hansen electric spinner, which I don't need to buy right now after putting that deposit down on the AVL loom earlier this month. My friend Kathy has one and she's a speed demon spinning these days, it's a tempting thought......will give it thought in the fall or next spring.......

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  1. How inconsiderate of him! :)

    A friend actually sends her family and friends a annual calendar of her fibre events and such and welcomes them to come visit in between.
    At first I laughed.... now I can see its actually a smart idea!

    PS I feel there must be a decent interval between major upgrades and stash enhancements. My Hub actually handed me $100 the other day and said spend it! We have a postal strike on so I must wait for a yarn order! How cruel....


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