Friday, June 10, 2011

Finally blocked......

The hydrangea scarf is finally blocked. It's so much easier to lay out my blocking squares on the patio table and block out there and items dry so nice weather......and finally we have some nice spring weather. I'm very happy with it, it's my beach scarf - we have hydrangea's in the yard there and it's in  a beachy/seaglass color.

So does anyone else not enjoy the blocking process? Even with blocking wires which make it faster and easier I just don't enjoy it. I love to knit but I don't like the finishing, don't like sewing knitting together or weaving in ends either. But in weaving I love every single step in the process, no matter now mundane or tedious others think those steps are.


  1. I HATE blocking scarves and shawls but not sewing up sweater and other finishing. Just something about sitting on the floor getting it all wired or pinned and perfect...that is a pain.

    Love your Hydrangea! Love the beach too!

  2. Beautiful scarf, it reminds me of a warm sunny summer day! Great job!


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