Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spinning at the fair......

This is what I'm currently spinning while at the county fair. It's an Ashland Bay merino/tussah blend in the Lilac colorway. I'm spinning with the thought that I'll pair it with my last handspun of merino/tussah in the concord colorway in possibly shadow weave for a shawl or yardage for a vest or such, all depends on how many yards I end up with. This was all I had spun after 2 days of time I think I'll spin worsted size to fill bobbins faster!

On the fire front - fire is still growing although slowly, expected containment is not expected until October 15th! It's 15% contained at this point. There were dry thunderstorms a couple nights ago which ignited over 30 small fires, mostly to the east of us, from the sounds of it they've got them under control but getting good information is tough. Check out fellow fiber friend Karen's site for a couple pix of the copters at work yesterday morning.


  1. Oh yum, looks like very nice yarn being produced!
    We've been getting drift smoke here on and off. Maybe we'll have a couple of days of good soaking rain to help get that fire under control faster... One can always hope.

  2. Soaking rain??? I'd love some soaking rain - didn't hear about any in the forecast, maybe I missed something. In that soaking rain Medford got in the thunderstorms Tuesday evening we got not a single drop here and over the fire.


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