Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another dye day - merino/tencel and glitz.........

Another dye day here, today a much shorter one. I dyed mostly merino/tencel. On the far left rack is a dye day surprise in blues, next to it is the colorway I call Midnight. The center rack has some novelty glitz for adding to fiber as it's run through a drum carder or on hand cards - it's the first time I've dyed any, it took the dye beautifully. On the bottom of that rack is a skein of yarn my friend Patricia asked me to dye to see how Tiffany's (romney sheep) commercially spun fiber turned out. The color is beautiful but I don't know if I'd dye more of it, it's a beautiful oatmeal color on it's own. The far right rack has an experiement in shades of red with blue - someone requested something like that in a different fiber so this was an experiment, then the far right is Purple Sage. So I wonder why that far left drying rack just won't sit right, both sides look the same, can't figure it out.
Tried getting a close up of the novelty glitz but the camera just won't capture the sparkle of it, in the sun it's so beautiful.

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