Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sock knitting..........

Ok, so I don't have much new to post so thought I'd post the latest socks on the needles, Zauberball Crazy Yarn. I always have to have something mindless on the needles to take with me here and there to knit on.

Waves scarf (Aug 19th post) is still on the needles......actually it came off the needles when I realized I wouldn't have enough of that handspun and since I wanted it a bit narrower anyhow I pulled it out and started over. Not totally mindless knitting but pretty close to it.

On the fire front - smoke is horrendous today but it's not a bad thing...... at least I don't think so! The word this morning is that there would be lots of smoke today due to back burning. And believe me there's lots of smoke and it's enveloping my house as I type. It's still unsettling to have all this smoke and not know for sure if it's the planned back burning or something new. Since I've only heard one copter go over and it wasn't carrying a bucket (large two rotor copter.....are those rotors, or are they called blades?) I figure it's ok. They're doing a great job on this fire. Over the weekend they needed to start more back burning but in areas with 80% grades, it is too dangerous to drop firefighters in. Instead they went up in copters with little balls, similar to ping pong balls, filled with chemicals that lit fires as they hit the ground. Fire is now 55% contained and they hope to have it fully contained by the end of the month. The triple digit temps today and tomorrow don't help but they're supposed to fall 20-25 degrees by the weekend.


  1. Thanks, for stopping by my blog I appreciate your comments and suggestions. Since you weave on a Mac, can you tell me how you advance the warp on your front beam. I have the crank for the back that I ordered but quite frankly can't see where the heck it would fit in the front. I've been grabbing the beam itself and turning it. I'm sure there is an easier way. Thanks Bety

  2. There is a handle on the front right inside of the loom that moves the front beam - I'll get a few pictures this morning and email them to you. Maybe yours is missing - very simple part to replace, if so.


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