Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fibery weekend

This is what's left from my drop spindle class earlier today, dumped in the studio hallway until tomorrow. Still a big pile to sort and put away but at least I'm minus some student bags with fibers, cd drop spindles and a handout (brown bags on the right). This class was at Middleford Yarn, wonderful yarn shop and nice place to teach. What a great group I had in my class, very fun gals. They were all spinning and plying yarn by the end of the 3 hours, I'm hoping everyone had fun. I realize spindle spinning is not for everyone but I hope some of them continue on. I love enabling others into the fibery goodness lifestyle.......and these gals being knitters and one beginning weaver are pretty much there anyhow, we just went down another avenue.

Yesterday I gave a presentation to a PEO group my friend Paula is a part of. Another nice group of gals - boy, I really met some wonderful people this weekend. None of them are weavers but I think they enjoyed learning about weaving so when they see it in the future they'll understand the process - a few even sat at the loom and threw the shuttle. From what I understand the PEO organization is about celebrating the advancement of women, I think they raise money for scholarships/education for women.

Tomorrow was to be a dye day but I'm not feeling it right now.........besides I haven't weighed out any fiber. So tomorrow I'll spend some time at the scale weighing out roving for dyeing, perhaps Tuesday & Wednesday will be dye days...........

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