Tuesday, August 17, 2010

County fair display

Here's a picture of our display at the county fair, the theme is our garden party fibers. The fleeces in front will be judged tomorrow morning. It looks a little empty but imagine 10+ spinners sitting in front of this display.

The forest fire is still raging just a bit southwest of us with only 5% containment, steep terrain is hampering fire fighting. Right now it's the biggest fire in the country so resources are available, I hope more equipment and firefighters are on the way.  I'm on edge after living through the Biscuit Fire so my days are filled with stress. If it blows up like that fire did we could be right in it's path. And to top this off as I type there is thunder and lightening, and in this area of the country that comes without rain so more fires are sure to start, already one reported to the east.

I love living in the northwest but I have to admit the summers are not my favorite season. I love having no humidity like the MD/DC area I lived most of my life but with no humidity comes no rain for months and impending forest fires......and I could do without the 100 degree heat! Starting tomorrow temps are supposed to come down to the high 80's - that will be a welcome relief. After the Biscuit Fire I told Sam I wanted to live in a cement house with a metal roof in the middle of an irrigated pasture.........so, we did move and where do we live - in one of the highest fire danger areas up on top of a heavily forested hill with deep ravines on each side.

On a positive note - I had a very fun day spinning at the fair today, met lots of nice folks and got quite a bit of spinning done.......although it doesn't look like it on the bobbin since I'm spinning thin.


  1. Fires are stressful. My mum's house was in the path of one year's ago and thanks to firefighters was fine. It is something she never forgets. Will be thinking of you.

  2. thunder & lightening ended early evening, copters flying over until dark, planes still flying over in the dark marking their grids....there were probably a number of fires started but I feel like they weren't close to us, hope they aren't endangering others.

  3. Yep, you guys and the Applegate got slammed this round. Ashland watershed got some hits and smokes started up and Medford also. We had very little activity, two cells a few strikes and so far no reports of smoke.
    We did get a nice rain before the cells and a fair amount of wind. No hail. Nice cool down to, it's 43 here and I'm closing down windows with a fleece jacket on.
    The booth looks amazing. I want to grab a handful from each of those bags!

  4. But we got not a drop of rain! All that rain that fell to the east of us and not a drop here! It is nice and cool here this morning.
    The bag of fleece on the top right is absolutely beautiful, a romney with such sheen and crimp and totally clean, must have been coated.


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