Monday, December 14, 2009

Sewing.......what I did today.

So, this is what I'm working on now - secret stuff but I can show the machine in action without giving away what I'm up to. I bought this Bernina almost 3 years ago and love it - maybe one of these years I'll replace my inexpensive Brother serger with a new Bernina.......need to sew more often to justify it though. And below is the mess of a fabric cabinet - mess on the floor had been cleaned up some earlier in the day. I just kept pulling leftover fabrics from previous projects out to see what I had to play with. Cabinet desperately needs reorganizing again - each section used to house a color family - now colors are all over the place. In addition to sewing today, this evening I actually got the bulk of the gifts wrapped - hurray! Am dying to get back to weaving but still have some other things to finish up first.


  1. That's quite the fabric stash..never enough though is it? I love my Bernina too, it's older than yours by about 7 years, but is also the QE model.
    So, you are taking pictures of all this great stuff you're making to show us later, right? ;-)

  2. yes, I took a picture yesterday of what I've been sewing. Also have pictures of the other couple small things I've made. It's all small stuff but fun.


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