Thursday, December 10, 2009

Current knitting

Here's what I start knitting during the power outage - it's a feather and fan pattern in a Naturally "Dawn" which is a 50/50 wool silk blend. Had to start it several times, was having problems with needles not being pointy enough to be able to do the k2tog. I finally resorted to some old metal double points which are very pointy although slippery. Will be slow knitting but I love the pattern and the feel of this yarn.
The knitting is sitting in my new (old) yarn bowl that a dear friend gifted me with recently. I love it and will treasure it, need to do some research to find out the history behind yarn bowls. Sam remembers one in the family, possibly at his grandmother's farm in southern Virginia. My friend suggested I may want to someday refinish it or paint it - was giving it thought but now am thinking I may leave it as is so when I look at it I can imagine the knitters before me with their current work in progress sitting in the bowl.

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  1. A yarn bowl! Who knew? Very cool. I wonder if it was used for needlepoint or crewel....all those little bits of different yarns. That springs to mind because in the historic houses around here they often display needlework that the women of the house would do by the fire. They had special furniture for it. But I've never seen a yarn bowl.

    The scarf will be beautiful!! Have fun!



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