Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here we go again...........

So, here we go again - hours of no power - this is not condusive to me finishing up Christmas gifts that require the sewing machine. I'm beginning to think I need a lesson on how to use the portable generator so I can at least plug in the sewing machine and table lamp next to it - I've got heavy duty extension cords that will go from the studio, through the garage out to the generator.

Thank goodness today I had already showered before it went out at 7:24 this morning. But being 9 degrees out the house got cold very quickly. I knit for a while, did some other things that required no electricity, then finally my hands started to hurt, I was just too cold (not my feet though with 2 pair of handknit wool sox on them). So, down to the garage to figure out how to take the door off the track for the electric opener - hurray, mission accomplished and off in the race car to town to do errands in heated stores! Power back on around 2:30, thank goodness not as late as Tuesday. So, now how to get that garage door back on the track.........

Right before I lost power this morning I was reading Theresa's blog about Christmas traditions - I have to admit it made me cry - what wonderful memories. I've been having a hard time with Christmas the past few years, having dealt with my Dad's terminal cancer and alzheimer's with holiday hospital stays and hospice over the next holiday. I'm just having a hard time getting in the mood. But when I have electricity I am loving the process of making gifts so maybe by next year the entire house will be decorated again with my 4 trees. This year so far all there that's up is a fresh greenery swag on the gate that Sam somehow hung upsidedown - kind of funny. Guess I will have to get or make a table centerpiece since I am having the traditional Italian Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes at my house this year.

Oh yes, and back to the weather - good news/bad news. The forecast is for the temp to warm up a bit tomorrow, bad news is that they're calling for snow and/or ice.......sheesh.........


  1. Your power outages must be so annoying. I hate how unpredictable they are too. We have a generator now, and I made Jim teach me to use it. But really, I try to make sure he's around when they predict power outages here. (Ice and high wind combined is usually what causes our long ones.) Our next door neighbor even bought the same generator so Jim can go over and start theirs too.

    Theresa's post was full of beautiful Christmas traditions.

    I'm sorry about your father's cancer, and that as part of your losses you've lost some of the joy you used to experience around Christmas.

    Hope your power stays on and I'm looking forward to seeing whatever gifts you've been working on - after they've been gifted of course!!

    Stay warm!

  2. we've lived in this house now for 6years and have never had outages like this -previous house yes, but here they are usually very short lived and not very often. And these were only with very cold weather - no ice or snow involved!
    I'm thinking positive that tomorrow I'll have power and can work.

  3. Aww Cindie, There have been years I didn't do a tree either for a number of sad reasons.
    So tell me, what exactly is The Feast of the Seven Fishes? Seven fishes certainly sound feast worthy! I'm assuming everything must be prepared in a certain way and served in a certain order, maybe like a seder?


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