Friday, December 18, 2009

New Toy

Here's my new toy - picked it up at the post office today. It's a Golding Drop Spindle - isn't it beautiful?! Now those that know me are probably wondering why I needed yet another spindle of any kind, let alone my third Golding Spindle.......well, it's not about need, well, maybe it is, I needed it for my mental health. Put some of my birthday money from last month toward it. Can't wait to try it out but still working hard at the sewing machine, hoping to finish up this afternoon or sometime the meantime I'll just admire it............


  1. It is beautiful!!! (I would never ask why some one wants a tool as beautiful as that!)


  2. What a beautiful piece of intricate work Cindie!
    What fiber will you use for it's maiden spin?

  3. I'm not sure what fiber I'll use to try out the new spindle - will have to check the stash but first need to finish up the last of the Christmas gifts (only an hour or so), do some wrapping, and clean up the loom room for a warping lesson with a new weaver Monday afternoon. Well, not really 'clean' the loom room - just get the clutter off the table onto the floor so there's room for her table loom. Do need to move piles off the floor so new stuff can move to the floor!

  4. Ooooo, I have always admired the Golding spindles. The hardest part would be deciding which one to choose. Yours is lovely!


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