Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finished mug rugs

Here are the finished mug rugs, there are 4 in a pile. There's actually another pile of red ones but they didn't fit in the picture. These were awaiting tags when I took the picture. I can't believe that warp was on the small loom for so long, glad it's off. Hopefully these will sell quickly.

Spent the better part of the day getting things ready for the Pacifica Fine Arts & Crafts Winter Festival this coming up Saturday........checked my bag supply, change in the cashbox, etc. Tomorrow I'll get everything packed up in plastic bins for transporting and make monster-size almond macaroon cookies that I donate to be sold at the festival. Friday afternoon is decorating and booth set-up - miles of garland, lights & red bows and more evergreen swags with red bows than one can imagine.

Weather has been foggy and cold for almost 2 weeks now. It's a chill-to-the-bone cold that doesn't subside. There have been areas less than 15 miles away with sun but the fog hangs low near us. Just up the road on the Sexton Pass it's been 20 degrees warmer and sunny because it's above the fog. So, we just keep the fire going to stay warm & cozy indoors. The only bright spot is that there is no snow in the forecast for the festival this weekend - it's threatened many years and there have been horribly icy roads for my drive in the morning in the past.


  1. Glad you got the mug rugs done! They look great! They seem like a nice item for people to buy at the Winter Festival.

    Good luck with the Winter Festival!!


  2. They look wonderful Cindie!
    Sorry to hear you guys are in the soup. We've been sunny every day this week. Looks like the festival will just make it, snow Sunday and Monday here at least
    and prediction is for the white stuff to almost reach the valley floor.
    Is this event outside?

  3. Festival in inside, thank goodness! Are you coming? I know it's quite a drive for you. It's very fun, live music all day long, food and new this year wine tasting.


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