Thursday, March 26, 2009

Streaming Leaves Scarf revisted

Oh boy, decision time - as I look at the photo of the streaming leaves scarf I posted last night I think those stripes (naturally occuring in the spinning) are just too much. It doesn't look that bold in person though............will have to give serious thought today as to whether or not to continue with this project or pick a different handspun and start over tonight. I haven't knit so much that it would distress me to slide it off the needle and pull it out.


  1. I suppose it is a little on the busy side, but my initial reaction on seeing the photo was something along the lines of "Ooh!! That looks neat!" :-) I've been in the mood for vibrant colors and busy patterns lately though, so perhaps I'm not a good judge ;-)

  2. I was going to rip it out last night but decided to leave it on the needles for a while, in person it's not quite as vibrant looking. Tried starting the scarf with some other handspun but it was too 'hairy' and I didn't like it - it really needs something very smooth. So, it will sit around and marinate for a while.......


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