Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Handspun handknit socks

Last night I finished a pair of handspun handknit socks. I have no clue what fiber this is - usually I'm very good at labeling my handspun but this time all the tag had on it was the weight & yardage - no fiber type. I used a couple of new techniques on this pair of socks that I learned recently from fellow sock knitters. First - I learned how to crochet a chain with waste yarn directly onto the knitting needle to start my sock from the top of the foot at the toe, knitting a short row toe, then picking up those stitches off the waste yarn and continuing the sock up to the cuff. In the past I had crocheted a chain with waste yarn and then knit into the chain - this was much easier - thank you Cheryl. Second - I received a worksheet to figure out how to make socks that will fit my feet perfectly - I measured all different areas of my foot all the way up to my knee and then figured out how many stitches to start with - this is a great technique for handspun which may be different than commercial yarns used for many patterns. I ended up using 46 stitches for these socks - they fit me perfectly - thank you Yolanda.