Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fun DIY earring holder

Recently I decided I needed a place to hang my earrings other than in my wonderful jewelry box that does have great fold out earring holders...........but if something is in the jewelry box it's out of sight, out of mind and I keep the 2 pair of diamond studs in my ears never changing them. So on the wall adjacent to the mirror and where my jewelry box sits in the bathroom I put up this. First I had this fun little shelf I bought at a thrift store where I can hang bracelets.....I can put other 'jewels' like pendants and pins in the little drawers.  I picked up a white frame at Michaels using one of their 50% coupons. I bought some wire at Lowe's, Sam cut it and stapled it in the back of the frame.  Now I can hang (certain types) of earrings on it in full view - I love it. I've bought some cup hooks I'm thinking of putting on the sides of the frame for a few necklaces. This is all the earrings that have made it up there yet, will get some more on it soon.........when I open that jewelry box.......

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