Tuesday, January 27, 2015

SW Oregon = Winter Fog

We spent the past 4 days on the coast, 60-80 (guess) miles to the west as the crow flies. It was beautiful, sunny, blue sky in the 60's, walk on the beach in short sleeve t-shirt kind of weather. Back in our valley the damp chilly fog has been a daily companion since the holidays. I'd love some rain, love some snow but the fog wears on me. And we do need rain and snow or we'll be embarking on our third year of drought heading into another bad fire season.

Here we are coming over Mount Sexton to our valley.  Looks like a lake out there surrounded by mountains doesn't it?  Nope, it's a layer of fog hanging over the valley, we're up above it, looking down on it at the moment.

Our house is down under that mass of white - we can see this spot on Mount Sexton from our deck......on a sunny day.  The temperature fell 20 degrees from the top of the pass to when we hit the fog bank a few seconds later.

I quickly clicked off these 3 pictures before we hit the fog bank, here we're just starting into it, a second later we could see nothing. I guess the only positive thing I can say is that it's not freezing fog turning the roads into ice............

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