Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New towels on the loom......

I got a new towel warp on the loom - plain weave and 3/1 twill. The colors are to coordinate with the recently woven table runners (still waiting to be hand-hemmed).  Above is actually the backside of the towels - less harnesses to raise if I weave it upside down.

Here's what the front side will look like - this 12 yard warp will weave quickly if I get the time at the loom. These are very springy/eastery looking.

I also pinned up the hems on the tulip table runners today - they're now set aside waiting to be hand-hemmed when I'm sitting watching tv in the evenings.......except right now I'm in the spinning mood in the evenings.

This technique for getting a sharp hem is one I learned from Marcy Tilton. She lives south of me by around 45 minutes - until we moved closer to town she was only 5 minutes away. She uses manila folders cut into different widths to use as a pressing tool when turning up a hem - I adopted this practice well over 10 years ago and love the results.

For these table runners I used the 1 1/4" wide manila guide. Here's the first pressing with the iron. (yes, I should have been more careful taking photos, it's looks cockeyed but the hem really isn't)

Here's the second turning of the hem.  Ignore my ironing board cover - I could replace it every week the way it stains.

And here's the table runner turned over, you can see where I pinned it from the other side. I have a stack of 8 of them now ready to hem.

Here are all my manila folder guides - I made them from 1/2" up to 3". I punched holes in the ends and hang them on a ring up on my bulletin board in my sewing room. Maybe in another year or so I'll make new ones, in over 10 years this is only my second set.


  1. Love it all, the towels on and off the loom and the hem guides. I need to do this myself.

  2. Great tip about the manila folder guides ... and gorgeous weaving!!!!



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