Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Photography challenge - I is for.......

I had other ideas for 'I' but I just couldn't get to them, it's just not happening right now

I is for Ireland Rd. along Rt 42 on the way to the coast

I is for Interstate 5 - this is from my neck of the woods but for those of you that don't know I5 is the main north south artery on the west coast going from the CA/Mexico border north to the Washington/Canadian border

I is for Iris........yes, Bailey got in this week, he said it was time



  1. Good job on your I's. Especially considering that you're so socked in with smoke that it would be hard to get out and take pics. I hope it's improving.

  2. Bailey is the best!

  3. Very good I entries but I like Bailey's best!

  4. Loved the Iris of Bailey's eye too! Never thought of a street sign!!!

    Great job!


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