Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fire update

Ok, so I'm sitting here on pins & needles so what else to do other than listen to the radio online and be nervous.....trying to calm my nerves by emailing.  The wind is picking up quite a bit, never a good thing, keep our area in your thoughts......I'm trying to think positive that any minute now I'll hear an update on the radio that they've gotten the upper hand on the fire. One good thing is that the fire is in a flat area rather than where our house is located with hilly steep terrain so I'm hoping they get it out soon. Sam just called from work and said he's leaving to come home - he's 45 minutes away. Someone in his office already left for home after Sam told him about the fire - his house is in the immediate area of the fire and he hasn't been able to reach his wife.  He won't be able to get home, hopefully his house is safe and he'll easily find his wife.  Retardant tanker just flew over my house, super low, shook the house, he was circling back to the fire. Just heard an update on how much more ground support has arrived on the scene and an extra copter.....some ODF copters are based 1/4 mile from the convenient. Report is that many spot fires have started up but they're feeling like things are stabilizing......keep your fingers crossed.  Hmm, right where I had to turn around a gross, stuff stuck on the floor, Ray's Grocery if anything was to burn it could be that.......

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