Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Looks who's sleeping in my bed.........

....and he's taking up a king size share of this king size bed.  New mattresses arrived today for our room and the guest room and Bailey has tried them both out napping during the afternoon. I think ours will do the trick for bad backs.........and the guest room one is feeling so good it might be a nice place to lay and read in the afternoon.......if I ever have time to do that......

Go figure - decided to turn on the Bernina in the off chance it would work today and it did - I sewed for a couple hours with no problem. Did I mention I love my Bernina??? Even when it wasn't working I loved my Bernina. Probably still some sort of software bug that will need to be checked out but I was a happy sewer today.


  1. So glad the sewing machine is working again. Happy sewing!

  2. Aw, Bailey looks very relaxed :)


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