Sunday, June 2, 2013

Red/Black Vines & Leaves

Took a little time to weave today before moving on to other fun activities - it's a beautiful day here .... even too pretty for me to be sitting at the loom. This is the first of the vines & leaves scarves using a red weft with the black warp, both 8/2 tencel. Pic isn't the best, I should have turned off the ott light to avoid that glare.

Fire season starts here tomorrow - Friday afternoon/evening we had our first good size fire around 15 miles from me on one side of the interstate in a moderately populated area - thank goodness only one house had a bit of damage and one out building was burned, and no injuries that I've heard of. There have been numerous smaller fires in the region in the past two months but this was bigger with homes threatened. The thought is that it was started by a vehicle on the highway causing sparks in a two mile stretch - amazing what can happen within minutes. It's going to be a very bad fire season, we're way behind on rainfall and we may not end up getting anymore rain until fall.


  1. Beautiful weaving!

    We're way behind in rain here too. Very nervous about the summer and risk of fire. It could be bad. Although, I'm sure hoping it won't be.

  2. my husband graduated from north valley high in grants is such beautiful country :) fire season is so scarry!

  3. This is really beautiful, Cindie! And it's such fun to be able to see BOTH sides of the design!



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