Thursday, June 13, 2013

Photo Challenge Week 2 - B is for Blooms........

Calla Lily (???) at the beach cottage this past Sunday

One of the many flowers over at the beach at the house around the corner that looks like it should have a magazine article written about of these days I'll try to get a picture of the entire yard and cute cottage

Red Hot Pokers from my backyard - picture taken while dyeing yesterday

More flowers from that cottage around the corner from us on the coast

Foxglove from that same house - oh I could have taken scads of photos of her flowers

Hydrangea from our beach cottage yard

Wild Iris from a lot for sale around the corner from the beach cottage

Oh yes, and Bailey on the Beach - two B's in one
Edit - friend Nadine brought it to my attention that it's 3 B's in one - Bailey on the Bandon Beach


  1. What lovely flowers! Bailey looks like he's having a great time :-)

  2. Bailey on the Beach is the best picture of all ;-)

  3. The Calla Lily and iris are especially gorgeous. I love Bailey's tongue! Maybe a closeup when you get to "T".

    1. Oh, that's a tame picture of Bailey's tongue - it is super long, would love to get a photo of it in mid yawn

  4. Great pictures - they look like they belong in a magazine!!!

    I believe that the first purple blossom you included is an African Daisy - it looks just like the ones I have in my yard. The first yellow flower looks like a coreopsis. :-)


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