Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy day

I love it when I get some real smiles out of my day. Bailey always makes me smile, so does Sam but he left for the gym at 4:30, then work and won't be home for a while so only thinking of him has made me smile.

What really made me smile was a luxury for me - I had a professional window washer (who is also a musician) come out, Chris from Williams, very nice person who did wonders for my windows - why did I wait so long??? The windows are so clean they look like there's no glass in them, I could have never gotten them that clean........if I was willing to get up on a ladder. So, if anyone in my area is interested in his contact info drop me a note and I'll pass it on. I think this is a luxury I'll have to keep up.........and since Sam doesn't like ladders I'm sure he'll agree. I can't believe how happy crystal clear windows have made me - the simple pleasures of life.

Another smile is a little thing - blogger is still working for me uploading photos - not sure why it broke back in January, but it started working again a few weeks ago and is still working - whoo hoo.

And yet another bright spot in the day, getting a little time at the loom. I might have to weave another scarf with the red weft - it's pretty striking and I may be compelled to keep one of those.....although the copper one below is pretty striking too.....

Vines & Leaves with sage green weft
Vines & Leaves with rust weft although it really looks like copper


  1. What weaving pattern is this and where can I find it?

    1. Jacque, this is one of my original weaving patterns so it's not out there for the public to use, so sorry. It's a 40 harness pattern.


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