Sunday, June 16, 2013

Passion Flower

Yesterday while walking in Bandon by the Sea I saw these flowers on a bush next to the paper machine where we pick up the weekend paper in front of a Mom & Pop restaurant. I've never seen flowers like these, they must be around 2"-3" big. I emailed friend Yvonne to ask her if she knew what they are.........of course she did, they're Passion Flowers. Someday I'll have to plant some of these in the yard at the beach cottage.

Here you can see lots of blooms ready to open, there must be hundreds of buds on this medium size bush.....can't wait to see them all opened up, I hope we're here when that happens.


  1. Oh they look so beautiful! I guess not for home use though. Are they deer resistant? Is anything truly deer resistant? ;)

    1. Good question - are they deer resistant......they were growing in town over on the coast. I just did a search and it said moderately deer resistant, moderately doesn't sound good when there are hungry deer.

  2. Passion flowers are so amazing! They always stop me in my tracks when I see them.


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