Friday, June 7, 2013

New listings in my etsy shop

Oh, how I struggle with the photography part of having etsy shops. I still haven't mastered this new camera, I loved my old one........which I dropped several times and finally did in. It's a crap shoot getting good pictures but I do my best. One of these days it would probably help to take a photography class............or maybe that could be something Sam does when he retires so he can be in charge of photography and shipping, handling and inventory control. Anyhow, these are now up for sale in my etsy shop........I have set a red one aside for myself but I haven't tried it on with my red tank & jacket yet to see if the color is right. The copper one calls me but I'm always drawn to colors like that, as well as the sage, I need to branch out and get more variation in my personal scarf collection so I'm not wearing the same colors all the time.


  1. Great pattern, awesome scarves.

  2. your weaving is just really lovely - so are those agates - I've been looking for a blog challenge to help me get back to a rhythm of blogging - that might be a good idea - :-) T.


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