Monday, October 1, 2012

What I did this weekend.....

What I did this past weekend was not exciting, or fun and included nothing fiber was hard work. We stained the deck, which desparately needed it. Sam and my cousin Jim power washed it and used a deck cleaner on it a couple weeks ago, Sam and I started painting pickets a couple days later but didn't get very far. So, this weekend was it - the rains will be here soon so it was time to get it protected. Cousin Jim was a lifesaver coming over to help us on Saturday, Sam and I finished up on Sunday. There are 236 pickets - yikes. I was not thrilled with the stain, top pick of Consumer Reports, in it's defense it may have been that it was semi-transparent and looked the color of chocolate milk that I didn't care for rather than the product itself. I thought we were getting a transparent stain.....guess that teaches me for not going to the store to voice my opinion. This red cedar colorway looks like red cedar that has aged for 20 years. But I can live with it, the deck is protected again and we don't have to do it again for many years.....think we'll have to move first. Next summer the deck at the beach cottage gets to be stained but it's much smaller and not very many pickets. Now I can get back to fiber - hoping to paint warps Wednesday & Thursday. Have scarves that need photos taken of them, need to finish up another fiber project, need to put together more felting kits and get a chenille scarf warp on the loom.


  1. You weren't kidding about the size of your deck. At first glance I thought you'd gone to an inn somewhere and were showing a picture of where you stayed. It's huge!

    1. The deck is huge but the house isn't Inn big - we were told when we looked at it (2003) that it was 2500 sq ft. - I always felt they were stretching that square footage but never was compelled to double check it.

  2. whew!!!!! that is a lot of knees are feeling for you!!!

  3. I bet you're happy to have accomplished this before the bad weather sets in. We stained our deck last year, but first we had to sand all the paint off. Weeks and weeks. We ended up just doing the floor -- our pickets and rail are still painted.


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