Thursday, October 11, 2012

New on the loom

Yesterday I got a chenille scarf wound, 3 scarves using black as the major color, a bit of taupe and then some fun variegated sparkley novelty yarn in golds and rusts.....unfortunately not only is the lovely texture of chenille hard to capture in a photo but the sparkle is even harder to capture. But here's the start of the warp, got one scarf woven today in-between lots of other chores, not sure when I'll finish with a busy day tomorrow, weaving guild meeting Saturday and 3 days of AVL WeavePoint workshop Sunday thru Tuesday.

Still getting used to the camera I was gifted from my aunt's things. I love it's size but it's a challenge for taking pictures of my weaving. I'm not as happy with the close-up setting, can't seem to get as sharp a picture. The stabilization/anti-shake setting can't be used with other settings such as close-up....doesn't seem right to be one or the other. But I'm grateful to have it and will continue to experiment to get better photos. Sam did figure out how to set it for a much higher resolution which has helped.

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