Friday, September 28, 2012

Pumpkin yummy

Pumpkin Spice Latte is my sweet indulgence this morning and is it ever good. I found the recipe earlier in the month but just today decided to make it - A Farm Girl Dabbles blog has great recipes - I've made several in the past few months. I normally use Splenda and flavored coffee creamer in my coffee, only one cup a day unless I'm having tea which is half of the time......this is really sweet in comparison. I substituted fat free sweetened condensed milk for the full fat version and we don't have whole milk in the house so skim it was - it doesn't taste like anything could possibly be missing. Next batch I'll cut down on the brown sugar. Usually I only have one cup of decaf, this morning it might have to be two cups.

This fun celtic pumpkin is an embroidery design from Embroidery Library - I recently stitched it on a linen towel for someone who won't get it for at least another month. I might have to stitch it on something for me too. If you have an embroidery machine and don't know about Embroidery Library go check it out and sign up for the weekly email, tremendous prices with new sales weekly. How can one resist when patterns end up costing between $1-$2?

Update:  Ok, so I couldn't drink another pumpkin latte this morning, can't do quite that much sweet in the morning but I'm saving my coffee and may try an iced pumpkin latte this afternoon.


  1. Oh double yum on both latte and the embroidery. I LOVE EmLib. I also like Urban Threads for interesting and unusual designs.

    1. Oh yes, isn't Urban Threads fun too! I love their fun steampunk off the wall patterns, I've bought several.


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