Thursday, September 27, 2012

A bit of weaving....

Only a bit of weaving gone on here.....makes for a grumpy me if I don't get enough time throwing the shuttle. I did get a bit of loom time yesterday on the heart scarf warp but I forgot to take a picture of the one with the red-violet weft, here is this morning's - black weft - I like it. Not sure what the next weft will be, maybe mauve, maybe pink, maybe red.....will do some testing later to figure that out. I have been working on some other fiber projects but can't post pictures of those.....and then there was all that weighing out of wool to be listed in my etsy shop that I finished up earlier this week.

It smells like smoke outside this morning, we're still in extreme fire danger, no rain in the forecast in the near future. I'm hoping that smell is coming from a fire at Graves Creek that's being mopped up and not a new fire nearby. The temps have fallen in the morning, in the 40's, but it's getting up into the 90's in the afternoon. We haven't had rain in months and desperately need it....although it would be nice to get the deck staining project finished up this weekend before that happens.


  1. Cindie, the heart scarf is just beautiful. Love the pattern, sure wish I had enough shafts so I could weave one up of my own.


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