Friday, September 14, 2012

Be still my heart.......

This week, when I was home, was a time for winding warps for painting. I got quite a number of them wound, tied, tagged ready to I just need to find a day to do the dyeing when I have the next day available for rinsing them out.  I also got a warp on the AVL - the same heart pattern out of the Complex Weavers book I did earlier in the year only this time rather than having half-hearts on the edges and 3 full ones in the center I've got 4 complete threading boo-boo last time, point twill starting on harness 1 instead of 24. I liked the first scarves so much that I kept one for myself.

Had a hiccup while threading the AVL, the power blipped and everything turned off.....except my laptop that was on battery backup, thank goodness, that saved my place in the threading. It caused everything to go wack-a-do with the dobby so I had to turn everything off, including getting out of the weaving software on the laptop, and reboot, then all was fine. I know I've mentioned this before but a neat feature of the software/avl/e-lift system of the AVL is that I can set up the draft tromp as writ and then push the pedal to raise the next harness for threading.


  1. Ooooh....I love that pattern and the colors. So pretty! I was lucky enough to weave three blankets on an AVL dobby loom years ago and loved it so much. And, the computerized one seems fun but oh so complicated. :-/

  2. Love your hearts and colours chosen. Would you be able to give more information about this 'Complex Weavers' book. I'm always interested in picking up a good book. Thanks

    1. Danielle, It's a book put out by the Complex Weavers organization. I picked it up at a conference but I'm sure it's available on the website. It has drafts and a CD with the drafts in wif form. It's a lifesaver for me while I'm learning the software. I've used this pattern and have used a couple others that I've altered a bit. I'm looking forward to creating my own drafts soon. Here's the link to Complex Weavers -


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