Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Escape to the coast.....

Have so much to do here but escaped to the coast again for the holiday weekend. This little white table is my  newest aquisition. Sam said no more little tables (a weakness of mine) but said sure when we saw this one, it's my favorite style.......although I saw another one in the same shop in a dark wood stain that he drew the line at - I will admit I have no clue where I'd put another one. And I didn't even have to paint this one, it was already white. I have another one of these tables in the bedroom that I painted very pale seaglass teal, it's really special, carvings in the ends.
Here are two bobbins of Karaoke waiting to be plied, it's 50% merino/50% soysilk. It was more challenging to spin but it's lovely fiber, the sheen is incredible. This was out of my stash dyed by Janis Thompson of Dyelots in Eugene. I'll decide what it will grow up to be once I know how many yards I have.
And here's some really ugly stuff I was working on - more stash reduction. There's a booth at Black Sheep and Flock & Fiber that has incredible hand-dyed rovings - I'm a sucker, they draw me in every time - but then when it comes down to actually spinning them I'm not so enamoured with the resulting yarn. This indie dyer is a way more technical and accomplished dyer than I, and does beautiful work, but most of it just doesn't work for what I personally want in a finished handspun. I keep wondering if I'll finish spinning what I've got or just call it quits and ply this - it would make a colorful pair of socks. I'll let others buy her rovings in the future and I'll stick with my way of dyeing where I don't end up with striped yarn, it suits me better. This was marked BFL but I really think it's Wensleydale - maybe that's why it was in the sale bin.

Nothing on the weaving front other than working on twisting fringe on scarves this afternoon. Also spent time braiding, weighing and tagging roving dyed last week - photography work still to come. The shawl I started a while ago in autumn colors is coming along - I'm now in row 4 of 14 of the ruffled border - it will be finished soon, blocked and ready to wear this fall. Winding warps for painting keeps getting pushed aside - hoping to work on that this week.


  1. What kind of wheel do you have? I noticed your bobbins. I have a Majacraft Suzy and love it. You seem to have the same kind of bobbins. Just wondering. If you N ply that bottom one you might like it better.

    Take care

    1. The wheel I spun these on is a Majacraft Little Gem - I love it, it's my go to wheel. Yes, have thought about navajo plying that bottom one, then I'd real real distinct stripes rather than a mix, might just be a better option - thanks for suggesting it.

  2. Your new table is great! I've been on the look out for little tables too. I could really use some but haven't found any yet that I love or fit my thrifty budget. But, it's fun to keep looking. What a great chair you have too! The wood looks like it's gorgeous in person.

  3. That little table is certainly exception worthy! And what a beautiful rocker. Ibet the coast was lovely last weekend. We had pretty nice weather here too, but no ocean view to speak of. ;)

  4. Stash reduction is my middle name this year. I'll race you. You'd win! Mine is out of control.


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