Saturday, August 18, 2012

Whose feet are these....and escaping the heat....

I spent 4 days gabbing demonstrating spinning at the county fair. It was a great time spent with wonderful friends and hopefully enlightening the public occasionally. Today is the last day of the fair but last night we skipped town and headed 65 miles west as the crow flies for the coast - temps inland 100+, temp on the coast 60, I'm loving it. Rumor is that temps will come back down to 80's-90's this week....if that really happens maybe I'll get that 14 pounds of merino roving dyed.
This morning's walk on the beach we found more than just the usual shells that I pack home in my windbreaker pocket. These footprints. I have no clue what critter was on the beach leaving these behind. Could it have just been a racoon out for a stroll, or something else? In the picture above there's a faint 2 legged critter footprint to the right that gives an example of how big these footprints are. The picture below shows Bailey's footprint on the upper right in comparison. Anyone have any ideas?  My guess is racoon but who knows......


  1. Those footprints are so cute! Our forecast says we're supposed to get cooler temps too. I can't wait!!! It's been around 110 and humid everyday for a couple of weeks and hasn't even been cooling down at night. We've tried going to the coast for relief but it's been fairly hot and humid there...but better than here...just not a lot. I'm looking forward to temps that will allow us to have doors and windows open again...especially at night. :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Raccoon! Although skunks have biggish funny shaped feet too, but I'll bet it's a coon scavenging the beach for some seafood treats. You lucky dogs, the 60's sound heavenly right about now. We did get a cool down though last night

  3. I have been so enjoying the cool temps here on the coast - but alas, back to the heat later today but hopefully a bit cooler than when we left.

    Yes, I was thinking racoon too, we've had a racoon here at the house stealing the bird food so stands to reason they'd be down the hill on the beach too.

  4. I second Theresa.....Racoon prints. They like water, and they will eat crayfish, mussels, etc.


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