Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dye day......

Today was a dye day as the temps have come down a bit and it was lovely out. This is 8 pounds of merino roving, tomorrow I'll finish up the remaining 6 pounds. Fiber friend Pat came over and overdyed some merino yarn from her sheep of days past, dyed some of her handspun merino and roving too. Nice day.

Thank you to those who have commented on Pinterest from my post yesterday.....hoping to get more feedback, still mulling over the whole idea of being pinned.......hmm, wasn't that a good thing in high school???  Well, at least for some, I was with the counter-culture/flowerchild/hippie/make love, not war crowd and being pinned was not something on my radar.


  1. Ooooh...they're all so pretty but I LOVE the red one...it's gorgeous!!!

  2. I'm reading backwards, but your productivity is astounding. I'd be moving on slow too. I love that picture of Bailey - such a handsome boy.


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