Tuesday, August 21, 2012

weaving away......

This afternoon I finally got back to the loom and wove the last 5 of 13 on the towel warp. The last 3 I used this pale aqua for weft for a change from the white and natural. Tomorrow I'll get them cut off the loom and in the wash, then comes hemming.....maybe another day for hemming as I've got other things on the long 'to-do' list. I've got a scarf warp on the AVL waiting to be woven, many warps to be pulled for dyeing.......painted warps........actually there are many other things I should be doing before these but they're more fun so they'll move to the top of the list.

I should be dyeing wool roving but it's still too hot for me. I thought if I started very early in the morning I could finish up for the day before the heat set in but I just didn't have it in me this morning. I'll get it done.....eventually.


  1. Beautiful towel! Take it easy in the heat, I understand that completely.

  2. The towels are just lovely.


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