Monday, August 6, 2012

Audtioning wefts.....

I put a scarf warp on the AVL for the vertical ribbons draft which was the first draft I put on this loom back in January or February. It's a 32 harness draft. I knew working with this space dyed tencel warp was going to be a problem, so hard to find the right weft color so the pattern actually shows.....that's why I only put on enough for 3 scarves. Here I am audtioning wefts - I audition colors I think might work and then those that I'd never usually consider, sometimes I'm surprised by what looks good. In this case I was sure a black weft would work but it does nothing. I would have never guessed these colors would look good - the light pink and silver gray. I also like the light teal and copper even though they don't show off the pattern to it's best. Note to self (as if I shouldn't have learned this years ago from previous experience) generally don't use a space dyed yarn for a draft that's all about structure, it gets lost.....guess I'm a slow learner.....

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  1. I think they are all nice but from the picture that copper looks stunning and so unusual. Wow, can't wait to see what pattern unfolds!


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