Saturday, July 28, 2012

Successful dye day.....

Today was a very fun and very short dye day - here it is 2pm and I'm ready to shower after dyeing 10 pounds of merino/tencel roving. It's hard to show what the roving looks like in a photograph but the sheen is incredible due to the tencel. I'd love to spin each of these colorways....but being realistic I can't spin some of everything I sell, there are not enough hours in my day, let alone lifetime. I do get to spin a little sample of each to help sell it though so I do get satisfaction from that. The one on the far right, the grays and taupes is so beautiful. I can picture it being spun fairly fine and knit or woven into an elegant shawl. I might have to think on saving a bit of that for myself.........or I can just dye something similiar when I tackle the 10 pounds of merino/bamboo on the next dye day.


  1. Wow....that looks like a lot of dying! Pretty!

  2. Beautiful. I'm stunned at how you can do ten pounds and they'll all so pretty.


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