Friday, July 20, 2012

Dyeing....and a new friend....

Yesterday I dyed 6 pounds of merino/tussah - a very manageable amount with time left to mix up more dye stock solution and weigh out 10 pounds of merino/tencel and 10 pounds of merino/bamboo to dye in the near future. I can't wait to spin up some samples, that apricot colorway is beautiful. The golden yellow and golds with deep red are special orders, at least part of it is, the rest will be up for sale as soon as it's dry enough to braid, weigh and tag.
Here's my new friend Perry the Peacock, although I'm not sure I really want him hanging around the house. Yesterday evening he was hanging out just 10 feet from the front door but it was dusk and too dark to get a good picture. This morning he was halfway up the hill so it was tough to get a picture but these are my attempts at it.
Here's a side view of Perry. Some of you may remember that we had Phil the Pheasant hanging around on this hill for a while buddying up with the turkeys - not sure where he went or who ate him but he hasn't been around in a long time. Now I'm wondering where Perry came from......if I see him again I'll give a call to Wildlife Images to see if they're missing a peacock, they're just down the road a couple miles. If you're ever in SW Oregon they have a great tour you can take.


  1. Oh my...........I just looked in at what could be a VERY dangerous post............Beautiful dye works , as usual !

  2. LOL, just wait until Perry wants to give a holler or two at night....I've often thought that if donkey braying, dog barking and metal feeding tubs being kicked weren't enough noise to annoy the neighbors, a couple of peacocks would do the trick. ;)

  3. Perry the Peacock disappeared yesterday, found out last night he was over at our neighbor's now - he's making the rounds. I checked out the van to make sure he hadn't been sitting up on it like I've heard they like to do.

  4. I'm glad Perry is still Perry! Love those luscious colors - zounds Batgirl.


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