Monday, July 2, 2012


The Shaelyn Shawl is almost finished - blocking will be done in the next week or so....then the lace sections will show more. I added a few more repeats than the original pattern since I wanted a full size shawl. I ended up backing the final row of knitting out, made for too heavy of a bind off, took a while but am happy I did it. A reminder from back when I started this - I spun this Ashland Bay Merino Tussah in the Del Mar colorway originally for a vest but then decided on the shawl when it was a bit too heavy for the vest pattern. I wanted a shawl that wasn't just lacey and pretty, I wanted one that would actually keep me warm - this pattern is perfect, a bit of lace (will show more when it's blocked) and enough stockinette to make it warm. Doing the happy dance.....

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  1. And it is happy dance worthy for certain! What a beauty Cindie. I bet you can hardly wait for the cooler weather to arrive to use it. :)


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