Thursday, July 26, 2012

Handspun samples

Here are some handspun samples for the roving dyed last week.....don't look too closely at my spinning quality, these are 'quick & dirty' samples. Other than the 3rd from the left which was a commission for my Burning Hot colorway all are the type of dyeing technique I devised last year. The aim is for many colors, sometimes analogous colors, sometimes not, but no stripes/high contrast barber poles. I'm happiest knitting or weaving with handspun that does not create stripes so that's what I've been dyeing. I'm not overly concerned if that limits how quickily I sell my roving or how much I sell - if someone is looking for high contrast, strong colors there are plenty of other dyers out there doing that. I'm doing what I enjoy.....

On the weaving front I finally....yes finally....finished that towel warp - 13 towels cut off the loom yesterday, washed and dried awaiting hemming.


  1. So pretty! I like them all! I need to get my spinning wheel fixed. brave and try spinning on the Country Craftsman wheel someone gave me. It just spins so fast. I used to sell roving and have lots left over.

  2. I mostly spin on my Majacraft Little Gem and Hansen electric spinner but also have a Lendrum. I bought a Country Craftsman from a friend who needed the sell it but I haven't mastered it yet, just can't seem to get the double drive band adjusted correctly so it's just for decor. Am thinking of getting someone familiar with double drive bands to help me get it spinning.

  3. Cindie, I like them too. Those soft heathered colorways are some of the prettiest I've seen in a long time. The green and the yellow are stand outs for me.

  4. I do like the heather rather than the barber poles - very knittable!


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