Monday, July 23, 2012

Camera duties.....yuck.....

I've said it before the job I dread the most is the photography part of selling my wares. It takes a long time to take multiple pictures to get a decent one, then edit them, then resize them for etsy, then file them. Next was to weigh it all and tag it......then listing in the etsy shop.....long drawn out process after a dye day.....
So today I took pictures of the roving, not a bad job since I only dyed 6 pounds of this merino/tussah last week (2 braids of each). These will be going up for sale in the etsy shop as soon as I find time to list them. 

I took pictures of the silk hankies too - 22 different colorways....finished editing them and found I missed one - argh. Now I have to go open the package and take a picture of that one. Resizing of these photos still needs to be done. Oh, and then there was weighing each, labeling and packaging it. I've now spent the majority of the day on these chores.....I wished I loved this process more than I do.

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