Monday, December 19, 2011

This isn't the greatest picture since it was taken with a phone but it's all we had with us on the coast this weekend. Most of the boats in the harbor were all decked out with lights, the sailboat was my favorite. Others were much more prepared with big cameras with big lenses and  tripods but we gave it a go with a cell phone.

Below are some old glass floats, the real thing, that a dear friend gifted me last month, I like them in this pottery bowl, the outside of the bowl has seashells on it. Old floats have a beautiful soft color as opposed to newly made decor floats that are intense shades of blue & green.


  1. What a lovely gift Cindie! Those are beauties for sure.
    Looks like you had another wonderful weekend at the beach house.

  2. I have a couple of glass floats that I too treasure. One was my father-in-law's. That was a great picture from your phone - don't knock it. My phone camera is so good that I've stopped carrying my camera.


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