Monday, December 5, 2011

A glimpse into what's getting stitched.....

I can't show what I'm currently sewing but I'm almost finished, maybe another hour this morning and I can then move things aside and bring out the embroidery machine again. These two selections of fabric are for me, the ones for gifts are already sewn.....a picture will come later in the month.
I love gingko leaves in case no one has figured that out yet from the silkscreening I've done with gingko leaves on handwoven fabrics.
And my current obsession with sealife/beach colors shows up here. I know, I know, there's no weaving to share - a chenille warp still sits on the Macomber but I have no deadline for it so it sits while I work on gifts. The new wood slats for all 40 harnesses of the new AVL will arrive today via UPS so hopefully I'll carve out room to take off 40 harnesses, build new ones, move heddles over and get 40 harnesses back on the loom in the next week. This is a job that's much easier with two people so I have to work around Sam's work schedule and my own schedule. Once this is done I'll be putting a sample warp on that loom to do some playing on.

I'm getting a little panicky at how soon Christmas is sneaking up on me, have gifts to finish up and get in the mail. I got my first Christmas card over the weekend - Yikes, I haven't even figure out ours yet, they're always handmade.


  1. Cindie,
    I swear you do more in a week creatively than I do in a quarter. Making your own Christmas cards earns you a spot as goddess. I might add that last years was a beauty!
    Love the prints, I wanted to reach out and grab that seahorse.
    I hope Xmas morning finds you happily weaving on that new toy at some point.

  2. We decided several years ago to lighten the pressure at Christmas, though we still send cards. I'm sure that's a dying tradition, but we're hanging onto it. I do love the colors of your post.


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