Thursday, December 1, 2011

A little holiday cheer......

I have tons of huge rubbermaid bins filled with holiday decor.....a total of 5 trees of all sizes, hundreds of ornaments, all with meaning or handmade, handwoven holiday linens and on and on....  But the past few years I just haven't felt like decorating, it just all seems too stressful spending a couple days putting it up, then after the holidays a couple of days taking it down. I gave myself permission to not feel guilt over not wanting to do it and it's's worked so well I could easily never decorate! Last year I did put a big wreath of local greenery on the gate but that was it. So, this year I've decided to do a tiny bit more. I haven't gotten the gate greenery yet but I have put a wreath out front and my two log reindeer have taken up residence out there too.

I pulled out the little 2 ft tree and put my inklings on it. I first saw inklings in an older Handwoven magazine, they're little folks made from strips of inkle weaving. Well, of course they made me laugh so I had to just take off with the idea and run with it, each year for a number of years I made one or two of them. And you can't make just one of each so I'd make a number of them and gift them to family and friends. They're now collectors pieces. I've even got family that plan on willing them to others in the family when they pass on. I haven't made any in a few years but I've got my list of ideas so who knows....maybe next year! 

I love them all but some are really special to me. They all made me giggle as I was making them. So fun collecting 'props' to go with the theme, so fun to make the little faces that all end up looking different. I'm sorry the detail doesn't show in the picture, some are intricately detailed. All time favs are my geisha with fan and umbrella and samurai complete with sword and kumihimo cord - I made them after listening to book on tape, Shogun, 33 tapes! Then there's my flying nun and brigantine monk complete with a box of fudge. There's my 60's hippie and mother earth, the spinner complete with drop spindle and handspun, knitter and weaver with her weaving book (yes, actual pages in it) and basket of shuttles, raddle & yarn, alaskan fisherman, the american indian and cha cha man (mexican guy), the santa & angel, the snowman complete with felt carrot nose, a wizard in honor of my late Uncle Dave who was an amateur magician and had a wizard collection, a clown, Uncle Sam, Father Autumn with rake & leaves and a commemorative one for our ANWG weaving conference in 2001 in the conference colors.

Maybe next year I'll get back to making more, have a long list of other ideas but just haven't been inspired to get started. And yes, I guess I am a little warped and silly when I get inspired. And no need to ask to get on the list to get one......someone has to die for that to happen and we don't want to wish that, do we?


  1. What fun to see your inklings!! I was off to a great start on my Christmas decorating, but I've gotten a bit stalled. Now I'm inspired to continue ... starting with unpacking the inklings you've made for me!


  2. How fun and creative, thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh those are adorable! Love them.
    I'm with you. I do very little in the way of decorating. Always a wreath, sometimes two, one for inside the house, maybe some of my favorite ornaments in bowls around the house and of course, the holiday books and music come out.
    And a Happy Belated Birthday! That's some sheepie ya got there and a very happy pup. What a handsome picture of Bailey!

  4. I'm with you on not wanting to decorate. It's so much work to put all that stuff up and then pack it all away a few weeks later. I just haven't been able to get into it for the past few years. I've been thinking it might be fun to get some little trees, some new decorations (I'm so tired of so many of the same ones), and do themed music instruments, a lodge/outdoor them, maybe a beach them. Maybe it would bring back some spark and fun to Christmas. I love your little "inkling" tree. Very cute! I can imagine they were a lot of fun to make. :-)


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