Saturday, December 31, 2011

As the end of the year looms…..or here we go again….

Ok, so here it is, the end of another year looms, it’s just hours away. I made the mistake of reading my blog on this day last year. I don’t make resolutions since they just get broken but I do try to have goals. I’m a little disappointed I didn’t do better in 2011 but I most certainly could have done worse so I won’t lose sleep over it all.

I have done better at giving myself a break for not being quite as productive and working every minute of the day, could have done better but baby steps are good.  Actually where I can really see that I gave myself that break is in my weaving, less weaving done this year than any year since 1986. That’s not exactly where I wanted to cut back since weaving is what I love to do most but it did leave more time for sewing. 
I still haven’t made those quilts for the beach cottage…..Oh well, fabric is aging in the studio. Speaking of the beach cottage, there is vintage furniture still waiting to be painted, I did get some painted but spent more time walking on the beach and relaxing. Oh well, life will go on….not to worry. I did get some fun decorating done at the cottage though.
As for my mental health, slowing down and saying no…..still not totally there but vast improvements. There are a couple times I didn’t say no quick enough and I’m still paying for those….live and learn….although one would have thought I had learned by now.
So, what’s in store for 2012….first on the list is getting a sample warp on that 40H AVL to get the bugs worked out…..definitely more weaving this year than last. More spinning is on my to-do list too.  And maybe even those quilts for the cottage will get made. I’ll still be dyeing hundreds of pounds of roving for sale but I’ll cut back a little more in 2012 as I did in 2011…..I need to keep it fun. I’m hoping to find time to do some research on my Dad’s family, it’s one of those things I just haven’t been able to make the time for….hoping this is the year. Another thing on the very long to-do list is to revamp this blog, it’s long overdue but there are never enough hours in the day.
It’s been a year of losses, some very sad times this year….I know it’s a part of life but it sure is hard to deal with at times. Life goes on, just different. And, as always I’m grateful for friends and family who still surround me....and for all of you who come back to visit my blog and read my ramblings....
And what did Bailey have to say when I asked him his thoughts on 2012? "Sheesh Mom, you woke me up from my nap.....thoughts on 2012? more sniffing,chasing those pesky squirrels, barking, exploring....and napping on the couch". With that said it's time to make a margarita and think about putting together our cheese fondue for the always we'll be asleep long before midnight. I wish you all a peaceful new year.....


  1. Bailey is very wise! Do less have to stuff and more want to. Good for you on cutting back and as you say, fabric needs to marinate a bit anyway! Have a wonderful, fun
    2012. Listen to Bailey! :)

  2. Happy New Year!!! Its nice to read that your taking life a little easier and enjoying your time more. Bailey, you just keep on doing what you love to do!! We wish you much happiness and love in 2012.

  3. I only have one resolution for this new year and that's to clean up the filing cabinet. It's a nightmare. I don't have to exercise or diet - just do it.


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