Monday, December 12, 2011

Sun and other things....

SUN!!!  We have sun this morning, and it was first thing this morning - this is one of the things I'm grateful for this morning. You see, we've had freezing fog for over a week, thick fog, thick cold freezing fog. Mind you, just 10 miles away and parts a bit further east the fog would burn off during the day, not so here at my house. It's still cold but it's sunny and I'm happy! 

Second thing to be grateful for this morning is not having to stand in line at the post office. I got there shortly before they opened, a line quickly formed behind me and I'm sure they were cringing at all the boxes on my rolling cart that they thought needed to be dealt with before they could post their boxes. Little did they know that my boxes already had postage on them since I do that here at home online....I'm sure I made their morning when the post mistress saw me before they were officially open, took all my boxes and I left. And I was very happy to be in and out of there in less than 30 seconds. Of course more orders have come in this morning since dropping those orders off but I'll brave the post office with those tomorrow.

So, I still have no fiber related pictures to share.....santa's elf is winding down, have some glittering to do this morning, one more gift to box up to ship, then other local gifts to wrap. Have you ever used Martha Stewart's glitter available at Michaels Craft Store? It's superfine and absolutely beautiful.

There was no time over the weekend to take the 40 harnesses off the AVL, build the new ones and put them back on - fiber related potluck parties had to be dealt with first. But Sam is hoping to take a few hours off early this afternoon so we can knock that out. As soon as I'm finished with gifts and our christmas cards which aren't even put together yet, I'll be getting a warp on that loom.

So, on the food front - a new restaurant opened in town - Pho Sur, a vietnamese place. Yvonne and I tried it out and loved it....and our cute little vietnamese waitress.  I had to try the bubble tea - this is taro flavored, you can see the tapioca bubbles in the bottom of the glass, there's one stuck in the huge straw too. I liked it, definitely think it will be a refreshing drink for summer.

We had to  try the fresh rolls for an appetizer, yummy! So light and yes, fresh tasting. And then we both had Pho for lunch, this is a picture of Yvonne's Seafood Pho - I had Fish Ball Pho, kind of like big fish tapioca! What we weren't prepared for was the size of the bowl - it was mixing bowl size! Wish we had known that when we ordered. I think they need a half Pho on the order - Yvonne said half pho her, half for me....... We each took home multiple servings of Pho. This place is now added to one of my favorites in town, I like that it's so light and fresh, not heavy or fried food.


  1. Oh yummy, sounds worth a trip out for lunch one of these days!
    We've had sun right along, although it was colder and dark in the valley a few mornings that I popped into town. Usually you guys have sun and we have the "weather".

  2. Yes, come on over when you can and we'll do Vietnamese.

  3. Our favorite restaurant here is the Golden Flower, and we'll be eating there on Christmas day after going to see a movie, yet undetermined. It's Vietnamese, so we get the spring rolls with spicy peanut dipping sauce and then pho - their broth is fantastic. We both always order the same thing and yes, the bowls are huge.


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