Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wiley coyotes......

We have coyotes, many coyotes from the howling we hear during the night. We hear them often right outside our windows, we see new coyote poop daily on our walks. I'm sure they're feasting on the turkeys and jack rabbits from the looks of the poop. But I have never seen one, they are some wiley coyotes.....until yesterday morning when three of them decided to sneak up on the turkeys roosting in the trees in front of the house. I'm not a lover of the turkeys who feel compelled to scratch around in my flower beds rather than on the other 5 acres surrounding them, if they pulled out a weed or two maybe I'd be ok with it. But I will not be a party to the coyotes eating their breakfast right in front of me.....and not in broad daylight just minutes after Bailey and I came in from our walk. So, I opened the front door, "you wiley coyotes, get out of here" while the turkeys were squalking and complaining. They gave me a glance and eventually walked off but obviously were not happy with me interferring with a fresh turkey breakfast on the horizon when one of those stupid turkeys decided to try and make a run for it. So, turkeys give me a break on the flower beds - I was your defender. Silly me, I should have grabbed the camera to get a picture......I was contemplating the gun but I really would rather not kill one of those wiley coyotes unless Bailey was in immediate danger.


  1. My SIL Georg lost six lambs to coyotes. She doesn't have guard animals and I think we need to be as wiley as they are. Ours here seem to be focused on the rabbits - the wascaly wabbits.

  2. And we don't seem to have many at all here. I rarely hear any, maybe one a year. I suspect the large cat population has caused the smaller predators to move out of the area. I do see a few foxes here and there.
    Those coyotes are just trying to stock up their freezer for winter! ;)

  3. GREAT story Cindie....loved it!!!! More comical than anything....maybe you should think about dining on turkey?


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