Monday, October 3, 2011

Back to weaving.....

I've been doing too much administrivia lately and not enough of what I want to do. After busy-bee computer work this morning I decided it was time to finish off the tencel scarf warp that's been on the loom forever. I thought I had only put on enough for 3 scarves but when I finished the purple weft one there was a lot of warp still on the back beam. A quick look at my notes I saw I put on enough for 4 scarves so the last one is a rust/brown weft. All weaving finished and scarves soaking in the sink at the moment. I'm think I'll add tiny seed beads onto the fringe of these to go with the nice sheen of the tencel.

Today is a special day - it's been raining all day long! I love it. I realize many areas of the country had way too much rain this year but we haven't had rain in close to 4 months and this cool rainy weather means the fire danger level has now dropped to moderate. The end to fire season is a good thing, hoping it happens very soon.


  1. Oh, you're up early! I agree rain is good but it makes for some interesting times wrapping Robin's paw in a plastic bag to keep it dry outside.

    Lovely scarf!!!

  2. It's nice to move into autumn. I love this time of year. We too enjoyed rain which is most unusual for us. I'll take it! Love the scarves. I can't wait to stop all our running around so I can finally warp up Maudie Mae. She's been all alone and covered in her quilt for nearly a year :(


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